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Hello guys and gals, just decided to join this forums since im going to be getting a g6 in the next like year or 2! yea i know i must be crazy but here is my situation... Im 16,my parents have a g6 that they are going to pass down to me in a year or 2 (actually when i can afford to pay insurance)..so yeah i already drive it an all but its just not mine yet.:(

I like the car alot and plan on fixing it up it is a 06 sedan 3.5 v6 white.I am generally good with cars ,but not about actual modding them thats why i joined here to learn more so when i get cash ill know what to do.I have a ton of questions but i wont asked them all in one post ill take it nice and smooth since i have time.

wow that was a long intro!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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