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I'm here to sell a pair of FX35 projectors with TSX-R clear lenses. They have a nice blue (maybe even a titch purple) color flicker and the light output is wide and bright. The original mounting hardware is still on them. The only "problems" with them is the cutoff line is curved on the edges because I had to bend the cutoff shield back to get a nice cutoff with the new lenses, and the border of the lens retainers are slightly damaged because they were a PITA to reinstall after replacing the lenses, so I "pounded" them back on with a flathead and a hammer. My asking price is $175 w/ free shipping in CONUS.

NOTE: I will post pictures of the actual projectors tomorrow.

PS: I will allow 8-hour dibs on these projectors, but it's first come first serve, not to mention these are posted on a couple other forums. These are in great condition and are tuned to (almost) perfection, so snatch these up while you can!

Projector pics:

Output pics:

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