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G5, etc

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Thom Blackett of Autobytel on the G5: "Pontiac will start selling the 2007 G5 coupe later this fall, with an estimated annual sales volume of 25,000 – 30,000 units. Unlike the G6, which debuted as a coupe and followed up with a sedan and then a hardtop convertible, the U.S. version of the G5 will only be sold as a coupe."

Gee, I thought the the G6 debuted as a sedan. Anyone got an '05 GTP Coupe for sale cheap?

"Unless the 2007 Pontiac G5 GT model’s retuned suspension is better than we’ve experienced in the GT or even GTP versions of the G6, the G5 looks to be another puzzling move by a company that is touting itself as GM’s performance brand."

Even bashers the G6 cite it's excellent suspension, handling, and ride characteristics in every (credible) review I've read. Siwwy Wabbit :crazy:
Maybe he should drive a car at least before bashing it...
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I saw one on the road the other day. It was a silver GT. The wheels were probably the nicest thing about it. Other than that, throw on a kidney grill, and throw similar G6 sedan tailights on and shrink it, and you've got the G5.

But people wonder why there are those who don't like GM or Pontiac. They can't even get their cars straight. They called it a G6 coupe which debuted, and that was a sedan in 05.

What a shame. One more corner cutting method to squeeze more money out of Pontiac, while its heritage suffers.
I took a G5 for a spin the other day. The dealer only had one and it was a silver G5 GT. I'd never buy one because it's too small for my tastes but it's an excellent car for an excellent price. The dealer's list price was $17,770 and I feel it's a good deal for a brand new car. The G5 feels tight and is surprisingly zippy with the 4-cylinder engine. The sound system is good, the car had power windows and locks, a spoiler, alloy wheels, XM satellite radio, and all the other standard Pontiac goodness. If I were buying my first car, or wanted a sporty little second car, I'd seriously consider the G5.
My sister's Cobalt coupe is a nice driver also. I hated the base rental Cobalt I drove, but hers is the (much) higher trim level. I like the looks of the G5 better, though they are pretty much he same car.
We've had them up here for over a year now, I like then MUCH more than the Cobalt. to bad they didn't make a Supercharged version.
It's the G5 Pursuit up there, no? Mechanically is there any difference from the Cobalt?
mphred said:
It's the G5 Pursuit up there, no? Mechanically is there any difference from the Cobalt?

Mechanically the Cobalt is to the G5 like the Sunfire to Cavalier, But the Cobalt offers the 2.0Supercharged in the "SS Supercharged" model

And yes its the "G5 Pursuit"
I like the G5 much better than the Cobalt as well. I'm a bigger fan of the Ion Redline, though (minus the interior).
The Cobalt is a step in the right direction for Chevy but it's still not as good as it could be. The G5 is much better looking for sure. Hopefully they'll be great sellers for Pontiac so they'll put out supercharged performance versions.
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