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I have a 2007 Pontiac g6 gt convertible ( I don’t know if convertible matters or not). The car runs and drives just fine otherwise. There is no engine light on, no stored codes, permanent codes of any kind.


-alarm sometimes goes off randomly
  • alarm goes off frequently when exiting the vehicle( specifically when my butt leaves the seat.)
  • remote start does not work(headlights flash once)

My dad also has a g6 convertible and another g6 (not convertible). When I press the lock button on the fob with either of his cars, the anti theft light comes on solid and stays solid. If I then press it a second time, the light turns off. After that I can press and hold the remote start button and they will turn over without any issue.

On my car, if I press the lock button on my fob once, the anti theft light will flash rapidly and if I press it again, it will continue to rapidly flash. if I then try to press the remote start button after pressing the lock button twice, the headlights will flash once and then nothing happens.

I have disconnected the battery and waited 15 minutes and then reconnected, made sure the battery was new and in working order, checked the fuses and everything seems to be fine there. I have tried the key in the on positioned but not running for 15 minutes and that didn’t help. ( I didn’t think it would but I tried it anyways

I had a broken fob beforehand so I had two new fobs and a new key made but unfortunately misplaced the second set of key and fob. So I went to get a new one and the locksmith was unable to pair a new fob with two separate key programmers. They stated it may be an antenna issue which is what I’m going to look at.

In the mean time I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions. I’m also wondering how many sensors could interfere with the anti theft system.( such as hood, trunk, door sensors etc.)

Thank you and sorry for any grammatical or format errors.

Have you went into your radio and checked if the lock and horn and remote start is set to on. If it has original radio you can program all from that. Just a thought.
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