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2007 Pontiac G6 GT Convertible, 3.9l V6 automatic
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Hello everyone. Hoping I can get some insight on how I need to go about getting this thing taken care of. Right now the cars in a buddies garage cause it broke while I was out and it was supposed to rain that night, so I won't have pics until Wednesday.

What I know happened is that I was putting the too up cause it was supposed to rain, and things went normally at first, and the roof managed to get back in place, but the trunk didn't close. So I checked the hydraulic fluid reservoir and noticed it was low, so I filled it with the chf fluid. Decided to go on the safe side and cycle the top back down a little to get the fluid running through the system. Instead, when the roof got about half way down there was a snap and the rear glass and too collapsed into the trunk (didn't see broken glass but I hope it's fine...).

The only two noticeably things wrong are the rear deck wing on the passenger side doesn't fold in as much as the one in the driver side, it's like the spring is fully compressed for some reason. And on the driver's side, there is what looked to be a hose of some kind with a threaded metal end with a nut in it, and it looks to be that it may not have been tightened down all the way, which resulted in the threaded section itself being snapped in half.

I can get pics on Wednesday, so I doubt any that info is helpful by itself, but here's hoping.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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