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...But one last question has anyone had the crab intake and put on the ram-air hood (MRD) or something like that and noticed anymore power when driving at speed?
Yes but you really need to use the search first. :D

You realize the MPD hood gives you ram air? It forces outside air to your box
to positively pressure your intake...? Those scoops are real!!! The air going in them dumps into your CAB....making it a cold ram air box...Cold Ram Air Box.... Cold Ram Air Box.....C R A B.....CRAB!!!!

You can not get better than that. Having a Dashawk I can see the intake air temp and there is a big difference. All good.

When driving I am within 2 degrees of the outside temp. Try and get that with a fenderwell....

1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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