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Oy Vey, where do I begin? I have had my 'G Sexy' since December 2005. Since birth she has given me many a problems, we made it through the 'terrible twos' (new head gaskets, ouch), threes were pretty uneventful, now the good old fourth year! If you are lucky enough to make it this far with your bundle of joy, i commend you!!! I should start a 4 year and over club! WOOT!

Anywho, I am an accountant and work at a knife company so that makes me marginally cool cause I know what the HRC scale is:)

My car has had a MULTITUDE of issues, I have the file to prove it! I am going to start a new thread about problems and see what we may be able to compare and contrast as I am sooooooo sad about my little car.

I think this may be our last year together:-(

Well, you can call me Angie, and its nice to meet you!

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