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I recently (Sept 09) Picked up a NEW 08' G6 GXP Street Edition in White Diamond Tricoat finish. I've been amazingly happy with it, even though it was the ONLY one in the state for a time (Now there is a black one running around, I'm in Wyoming) I'm amazed I got it as New, because it sat on the lot for a year before I came around to buy it.

Btw, It smokes a 08 Chevy Impala LTZ in both quarter mile and one mile.

But my question is, as I'm considering getting new wheels, and I haven't bothered to run out with a tape measure, what is the standard wheel and tire size on these? I don't want to go bigger, but rather, looking into a better grip tire that better suits my needs. And I found a great deal on American Racing rims in all sizes (Around 275 each after the 'i know the owner' discount)

I don't plan on racing this car (Beyond saying 'I told you so' to my husband and his Impala) But rather, it's more of a showy type car that I use for everyday commuting (All 5 miles).

Also, the, excuse me, 'women's transmission' (Yes, I am a woman) bothers the hell out of me. I'd give anything to have this same car in a standard transmission and a nice smooth clutch. It handles perfectly on ice and snow as is, but I'd love that little bit extra power without it downshifting on me automatically. I've already tried putting my left foot through the floorboard.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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