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g6 gxp taillights

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I was wondering if the taillights on the gxp is the same as any other g6's.

i am wanting to put black taillights on which is why i am asking.

ALSO Does anyone have halo headlights??
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dont know about the taillights (however i would assume yes), but lots of people have halos.
any idea on how much the halos would cost? ball park estimate
okay thank you for the help sorry i havent had a chance to get on lately been working alot.

I have done some searching and only came across black tail lights. What i had in mind was like a black tail light cover so that the tail light looks flush black with the paint in the day time. I have seem alot of mustangs with them but never a g6. I didnt have alot of luck finding any.
if you want the lense to be black just tint it
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