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Hey Guys,

A while back I posted about the adaptor that allows you to connect your iPod directly to the aux input on the back of the stock radio which allows for track info to appear on the radio and has full steering wheel controls.

It still works perfectly, but I have a couple of Apple devices that have the Lightning connector now (iPad Mini and iPhone 5) and they do not plug into the 30 pin connector that came with it.

I found a Bluetooth adaptor on eBay ($11 shipped) which plugs into the same cable that the iPod / iPhone plugs into, but it gives you wireless audio. All you have to do is enable Bluetooth (on any device, including Android phones) and you can stream directly to the audio system.

You can always unplug it and hook your 30 pin Apple device direct (like my 4th gen iPod Touch) for charging and direct control. Now my idiot friends can play tracks right from thier phones if they want to.

You can also use to impress girls....... :). My wife was only slightly impressed, however.

By the way, the Bluetooth adaptor works on any standard 30 pin iPod/iPhone music dock, so am ordering a few more for the house. Any audio coming out of the device will stream, including Netflix, Pandora etc....
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