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Yup, it was my choice, and it's only ugly from the outside! It was either the Tek or a Vibe, which was a lot smaller. I love functional vehicles and this does it all with good gas milage to boot! I can't wait to get my Thule safari rack from my old Explorer on the roof. Then a Manik grill guard and a new set of PIAA's and BFG tires, this vehicle is going to look different for sure, but fun to use!!! I can carry a weeks worth of camping/fishing equipment and still have three people ride in total comfort. Hell, the center console doubles as a removable cooler!!! Mark my words, you will see, the more miles you put on your G6's the worse it will get, steering issues, chassis flex, wacky gauges, the list goes on, but I will not. Yes, the G6 looks nice and when new, drove beautifully, but the many negatives out weighed the few positives so it had to go.
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