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i made it over from GAOC to see how you all were doing here, and noticed that alot of you are having 2-3 shift problems..

well i work at a chevy dealer, and have access to service info.. and decided to check for you all about the bullitins...

when you are talking to service writers, they dont usually check for anything, and to tell you the truth, neither do half the mechanics.. well the ones that think they are the best and dont need help.. i on the other hand am the guy who will take even more time than needed and check through SI.

well heres one about the echange program:
THIS IS FOR THE F40 only right here. VVV
the Harsh 2-3 W/auto trans is down further


Opel F40 6-Speed Manual Transaxle/Transmission Exchange Program (RPO MT2) #06-07-29-002 - (Feb 3, 2006)
Opel F40 6-Speed Manual Transaxle/Transmission Exchange Program (RPO MT2)
2006 Pontiac G6

with Transmission - Man 6 Spd, Opel, 83 mm, 3.77 1st, 0.62 6th (F40 WR) (RPO MT2)

This bulletin will cover the F40 6-Speed Manual Transaxle exchange program for the 2006 Pontiac G6. This exchange program will be in effect for approximately the first 12 months of vehicle production.

This exchange program will be administered by the GM Product Quality Center (PQC). To request an exchange, dealerships are required to call the PQC - not the Technical Assistance Center (TAC). The PQC may refer the dealer technician to TAC if additional diagnosis is required. Prior to calling the PQC, please make sure to complete the "OEM Manual Transmission Exchange Worksheet" referenced at the end of this bulletin. Use of this worksheet will minimize the time spent on the telephone and avoid the need of a second call to the PQC. Guidelines for honoring exchange requests under this program are being strictly enforced.

Components that may be removed and serviced without exchange of the transaxle are identified in the list below. Any repairs involving transmission components not identified in the table below may require a transmission exchange.

Please note that this list is subject to change as the program progresses. You will be notified by the PQC consultant if additional transaxle items are considered serviceable.

Current Serviceable Transaxle Related Components:

• Seal, Drive Axle
• Sensor, Vehicle Speed
• Switch, Back Up Lamp
• Pin, Clutch Housing Lock
• Plug, Trans Oil Drain
• Bolt, Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS)
• Bolt, Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS)
• Actuator, Clutch Asm
• Plug, Trans Fluid Fill
• Control, Shifter Assembly

All other components of the transmission require assembly replacement at this time.

Important: Transmission repairs or failures that are caused by components external to the transmission DO NOT fall under the exchange program. For example, transmission oil cooler lines incorrectly installed causing a transmission failure will have to go through GMSPO to obtain a transmission assembly. Also, transmissions needed for insurance repairs have to be obtained from GMSPO. The exchange program is created as a way to identify and correct internal concerns. External components causing a failure do not provide any useful information in improving a transmission. The transmission received from GMSPO will be a new transmission. As normal process, all warranty claims for transmission replacement must be approved through the PQC.

Exchange Procedure

A thorough diagnosis must be performed in order to prevent unnecessary component replacements. Refer to "Diagnostic System Check - Vehicle" in SI to identify the correct procedure for diagnosing the system.
Prior to calling the PQC, complete the "OEM Transmission Exchange" worksheet referenced at the end of this bulletin
Contact the PQC to verify that proper diagnosis has been performed. Upon review of the diagnosis, the PQC will establish a case reference number and make arrangements for shipping an exchange unit to your dealership if necessary. DO NOT SHIP A TRANSMISSION TO THE WARRANTY PARTS CENTER (WPC) WITHOUT AN OFFICIAL WPC REQUEST.
Important: Failure to return the replaced transmission by the due date will result in the dealership being debited the entire warranty claim (parts and labor). The removed unit must be returned complete in the shipping container. For effective engineering analysis, please do not remove or disassemble any components. The only exception to this is the fluid pan, which should be removed to drain the fluid prior to shipping. The pan must be reinstalled after fluid has drained. Dealerships returning transmissions that have been even partially disassembled will be judged as violating this procedure and, as such, will be billed for all materials furnished.

Warranty Information
For vehicles repaired under warranty, use:

Labor Operation K2720
Description Transmission/Transaxle Assembly - Replace
Labor Time Use Published Labor Operation time
Parts Allowance $337.50

GM bulletins are intended for use by professional technicians, NOT a "do-it-yourselfer". They are written to inform these technicians of conditions that may occur on some vehicles, or to provide information that could assist in the proper service of a vehicle. Properly trained technicians have the equipment, tools, safety instructions, and know-how to do a job properly and safely. If a condition is described, DO NOT assume that the bulletin applies to your vehicle, or that your vehicle will have that condition. See your GM dealer for information on whether your vehicle may benefit from the information.

© Copyright General Motors Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
-The transaxle uses a Castrol BOT 0063 (P/N 21018899) transaxle fluid that allows proper synchronizer operation. The incorrect fluid may cause hard shifting by varnish build-up, or not enough lubrication for proper synchronizer operation.

possible cause..

Harsh 2-3/3-2 shift 4t65-e
Document ID# 54870
2006 Pontiac G6

DEFINITION: One of the two following conditions occurs during a second to third gear steady throttle upshift, or a third to second gear coast, or a light to moderate throttle detent downshift:

Harsh shift feel -- an unacceptable quick gear change occurs.
Soft shift feel -- an unacceptable long gear change occurs.

>Automatic Transmission Fluid Level, soft shift only
Low fluid level

>Transmission Main Line Pressure
Low or high transmission main line pressure

>Oil Filter Assembly, soft shift only
The oil filter assembly (100) is missing, plugged, or damaged.
The oil filter seal assembly (101) is missing or damaged.

>2-3 Accumulator Assembly
Misassembled upside down 2-3 accumulator assembly
Damaged or missing 2-3 accumulator piston oil seal ring (137B)
A damaged or missing 2-3 accumulator piston cushion spring (143) or outer spring (138)
A stuck or binding 2-3 accumulator piston (136B)
Debris in the passages of the accumulator cover spacer plate (134)

>Control Valve Body Assembly
Debris in the passages of the control valve body (301) or control valve body spacer plate assembly and gasket assembly (396)
Missing or mislocated #4 or #9 ball check valves (372)
Misassembled 2-3 accumulator valve (340-345) line-up
Stuck or binding 2-3 accumulator valve (344)
Missing, damaged, or misassembled 2-3 accumulator valve bushing (345), bore plug (343), or retainers (342, 385)

>Driven Sprocket Support Assembly, soft shift only
A plugged third clutch oil passage in the driven sprocket support assembly (609)

>Third Clutch Assembly
The input clutch housing oil seal rings (628) are missing or are damaged.
The third clutch ball check valve assembly (724) is missing or is damaged.
The third clutch piston (642) is damaged.
The third clutch piston inner seal (641) is missing or damage.
The third clutch plates (645-648) are worn or misassembled.
ok so i hope that helps... i will keep an eye out also, hopefully we will see a bullitin soon!!

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This site finally works for me

I'm very happy that this site did what it is ment to do, Help Owners with problems.

If it did'nt exist I would have been isolated with the 6 speed tranny problem. I have identified this problem on my car to the dealer in october 05 and at this time they are still ??? looking??? for a solution, this bulletin will help me to get the problem solved. I am meeting some district service person on Feb. 28 and I now feel that I will get som answers and some action to solve the problem.

My special thanks to trevlya006 who took some of his personnal time to do some reaserch and post his findings.

I will get back with some feedback. Thanks again.

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The program does exist Confirm bY GM's District Service Manager) but still have to go through GM's unacceptable attitude NOT TO APPLY THE PROGRAM.

The GM DSM did try antother 6 speed which did have the same sympthoms that my car has.

His conclusion: YOUR CAR IS NORMAL !

Now, myself, have to test drive some other 6 speeders to prove my point which I will do on March 3 or 6. At this time I will make sure that the car is very cold ( - 14 degree celcius in Montreal now) Than they will see that you have to fight with the stick to change gears and that it's almost impossible to go bak to first (problem that has re-occured since 6-7 days now).

If, like the DSM said to me that GM did put such a tranny on the market, well, I'll have to go public because such a transmission is UNACCEPTABLE. I used to drive M21 and M22 trannies on some 70's Corvettes, which are not so easy to handle, and both are not so harsh to shift...

Once again, after almost 5 months stuggling to get some action done, GM will have me on the market for some other manufacturer cars, but prior to that they will have a fight.

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Vette, the whole world knows of this problem. I don't know how they are not emabarrased as He//. Decent review except for........

Read page 2


here is the clip

"Around town, the easily summoned torque means less shifting is required, and as one popular homemaker/stock dabbler might say, "That's a good thing." Because the GTP's F40 6-speed manual is a bit stiff past the synchros, and emits an audible clunk on the 2-3 shift, you have to wrestle with the lever more than necessary, a shame because the linkage feels solid, with well-defined gates. A 4-speed automatic, likely the better choice here, is available."

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Sixspeedsix Your Right

Looks like Canadian (at least French) Service Manager or Mechanics don't read car reviews in most popular magazines....

But your right, I beleive that District Service Magaer should be informed of all those problems (like Panoramics and Steering problems) I think that they should be modernized and have an Internet Access at all times.

Imagnie, a DSM refered me to a different dealer in Montreal area for me to test drive an other 6 speeder, and the Service Manager at that dealer don't have a single idea of this problem. So on tuesday March 7th I will meet with another DSM (Different Districy???) s that he can take a look at the car and test it.

For Christ Sake, I gave them the Tranny Exchange program and none of them even took a look at it. SO i'm keeping playing their game for a few more days, than I'll go MAD with higher Instances. There will be some higher Bosses at GM that will have a talk with me anyday now. I work for a Majoer Newspaper with 2 000 000 readers in Montreal only and we have a journalist that will write a paper on the problem....

The 1st DSM is aware of that so I will get some action done.

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I filed a complaint with NHTS.

I doubt they will answer as you mentioned, but it cannot be normal. If GM did put out an exchange program for 2ND AND 3DR gears harsh shifting this means that there is something going on. The exchange program is not for leaking, case brakerage, or other reasons, it's for harsh 2nd and 3dr gears...

I suspect they don't want to go wide or public with this because they will have a lot of trannies to change and it cost $$$. It's about the same for the Panoramic Roof or the Electric Steering on 3 500 engines.

The GM form talks about filling the bottom part of the form so to file a claim, the dealer did'nt even look at it, so how can he decide that I don't have a case. Don't worry, I will go to the bottom of this, I've got the time to do it...

Thanks for caring.

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What about the mention of, the wrong or wrong amount of fluid? Did the dealer even entertain this as a possibility? My 2002 Mustang GT came with too much fluid (4 qts)in the Tremec TR-3650 5 spd. One of the fixes was drain it out and replace with something like 3.2 qrts of havoline fluid. It did shift better after that. That was also a TSB from ford

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Gm Service Reps = Amateurs

Today I met with a second GM DSM, he drove my car and did'nt give any comment. I was suppose to drive an other 6 speeder for comparision purpose, the car that was prepared for this occasion and for me was an AUTOMATIC.

They had to prepare anotger 6 speeder but the car was on the lot since agust 2005 and the battery was dead. I mentionned that I wanted to test drive for a late 05 or early 06 production and I refused to compare with an earlier version than my car...

So I asked the DSM for his opinion:

He answered that he saw better and worst trannies. I accepted that there are better ones, but when I asked him which cars he tested with worst trannies, he couldn't reply. Than he said that his wife used to drive an 82 Chevelle that was shifting worst. HOW AMATEUR

Imagine, that's the only answer he coud give.

Even with that he refused to give me his proffessional opinion about the quality of the shifter on a 2006 G6... He admited that he never drove one prior to that, he doesn't have any experience with this product, but his PROFFESSIONAL OPINION is that his wife drove a 1982 Chevelle with a worst shifter.

So next step is to find, among Montreal's dealers, and other 6 seepder until I find at least one that is shifting normally. Other that that, I have to live with the problem.

Don't expect the GM Exchange Program to help you so easiely.....

Sorry for the errors, I'm a Frenchman.

I will keep you informed.

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Think I'm Gonna Write A Novel

Some good news today. After some thinking I've decided to find an other manual by myself, so I passed an ad in a major newspaper (which I work at) to locate 6 speed owners.

Today I got a call from a guy that owns one with NO SHIFTING PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER. And imagine, that guy works for an other major car dealer here in Montreal.

So tuesday I'm gonna get the oil change as schedule and afterword I'm meeting the other guy for a test drive.

If ever that other tranny is OK, GM will have to admit it's failure to settle this problem, fix the car and then they will get a letter stating that they just lost another unsatisfied customer.

So I keep my fingers crossed and I will post the results.
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