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G6ownersclub Feature Car Contest Rules


*You can nominate one member's G6, but not yourself.

*No more than 10 G6s can be nominated.

*You can submit three photographs for each nomination
(Please keep them at “640 X 480 px”, this keeps the site nice and clean.)

*Nominations will begin on the first day of the month (November, February, May and September) till the last day of that month and voting will begin in the same mannor on the following month.
(When voting begins nominations will stop.)

*Any winner of the G6ownersclub Feature car will have to wait (1) one fiscal year before they can be nominated again.

*The winner’s car will be displayed on the home page of this forum.
(In the event of a tie, both G6s will be displayed as G6 of the month.)

*These rules can and will change periodically to accommodate un-seen issues. If anyone has an issue to speak of contact one of the sites moderators.

Have fun and submit fun "clean" photos
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