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What were all the options that came with the 06 i cant find it anywhere were i can see them all! I am looking at a 2006 g6 that is wrecked for 6,400.00 with 29k on it. It has the panoramic roof, leather, heated seats, leather, premium rims, remote start the whoel shabang. But i am not looking at is before i buy for the fact that it is like 6 hours away. I had my body guy look at the pics and they sent me some more form the dealership. My body guy did think it would be to hard. I will be gettin next wed and ill post some more pics up for ya guys. I am new to the site and g6 but i do own a 2003 GA Sc/T 30th Anniv. I guess i was just kinda givin ya guys some info and here is my question. With the options that i know about the car ddoes it have to have other options with it or not. can i assume onstar and xm? or other ones. Thanks everyone and i hope to be apart of this community for a long time:D
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I wuld think if it has all that you listed on Star at a minimum. There were not a lot of other options other than you listed.
2dr or 4dr? Manual or auto?
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