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G6, or no G6

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Hello All, I am a member and frequent visitor/poster on GrandAmGT.com.
I currently own a 2001 Grand Am GT with 124K, so I am starting to think about my next car.

When the G6 first came out, I was disappointed that the exterior was too feminine looking and the interior was too cheap. I have since let the exterior win me over for the most part.

I have a few questions, for those kind enough to assist.

1) I see a lot about steering lock up issues. This is a serious issue (obviously). Does it relate to only the Electric Power Steering or the Hydraulic power steering only? Only on one engine?

2) I went through a lot of the thread listings here, but are there any other big, common issues to watch out for other than the steering and the panoramic roof?

Since I travel a lot for work, I get to rent many vehicles around the world. I recently was given a G6 in Chicago. I found the V6 acceptable, nothing fancy. I don't think I have huge fingers by any means, but I found the buttons on the steering wheel to be way too narrow to use.

The things I wish they would change -

* Have a manual trans for the V6 Sedan
* I can't stand that black plastic part of the rear bumper. I have seen so many of them that are uneven after some miles are on the car. And when I am behind a G6 on the freeway, many of them are fluttering terribly in the draft.
* Minor, but would love to see body colored mirrors.

Anyways, the main purpose of this e-mail was to solicit info on mechanical issues common to this particular Epsilon vehicle.
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Thanks for the replies guys. If I got one, I would probably get the G6 Sedan with the Sport Package (for the engine) and that says it comes with Hydraulic Power Steering, so I should be safe??

I could not imagine the poor people that have lockups - that would be terribly disturbing to have happen while driving.

I did see now that the GT has the 6 sp manual - which is tempting, and one of the things I don't like about the Fusion.

Thanks again.
built4drivers said:
There haven't been any posts about steering problems from 2006 owners with electric power steering that I have seen. I own 3 GM's from 05-06 that have EPS (including 06 G6 4-cyl with 38K now) and none have any trouble. I believe the problem was isolated to early-mid model year 2005 G6's just as it was to early-mid 2004 model year Malibu/Malibu Maxx. I wouldn't be worried about the EPS, I personally prefer the steering feel of the EPS to the Hydraulic to be honest.
Thanks for the input. So is it safe to say, as best I can tell, there seems to be no lingering common issues with the G6 these days? Obviously each car may see different failures, but the important thing is that from reading through the thread titles, I don't see any other common theme in terms of a large scale problem.
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