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G6 "Problems"? (Important, need help ASAP please)

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Hey. I'm in the process of looking at a flood titled 07 G6 GTP Coupe (more info about it in the Intro section). I had a shop look at it just so I could have another set of eyes check it out. He noticed in the truck and hood that there was no clear coat and said he is positive the car had been repainted there. The paint is dull and not shiny. The only possible way of seeing this is by opening up the hood or trunk, its not visible from the outside. Could some of you guys check and see if yours are like that too? I'm led to believe that its how the factory did it because the strut towers and radiator support are all like that as well. Also, the guy selling it to me has an Impala and it is just like that too.

Another thing, the seat tracks and under the dash (steering shaft, brackets, etc) all have minor, almost getting bad, surface rust. It is hard for me to believe that a car that is as nice as this had water all the way up to the steering wheel. The seller also checked his Impala and said its the same as well (Impala had no flood damage). Could this also just be another "problem" GM had with their cars? If everyone doesn't mind getting back to me ASAP it would be appreciated. I can't take too long sitting around.

Next step is to see if my insurance company will insure it, and if my bank will give me a good loan rate. Thank you very much.
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I know the metal under my steering wheel which is a part of the dash is rusty. Not horrible, but just a little rust. 87k miles and 2006 G6.

I can acclaim to the clear coat issue too. The only clear coated parts are the outside. Everything inside is a base coat, including the trunk, hood, etc
I've never noticed any rust on my seat tracks, and I've taken all my seats out before. I don't know when I can get you a picture of the rust. I'll shoot for tomorrow if I remember and I have time. I'd have to take some of the dash apart.
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