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No worries. Here are a few notes from my experience installing and running it:

I installed it on a Windows 10 laptop. Boomer mentioned that he's running it on a Linux box and his IT skill set is no doubt greater than mine.. I knew about but didn't have experience with the VMWare Player prior to buying this software. The player basically runs in a virtual instance of Windows XP. The installer balks if it detects the processor of your computer is too old to support it. I tried to use a ten year old Dell desktop and it didn't like that. I had a slightly less old Dell Laptop that it decided was okay to install on and it finally did. I think I installed the VMWare player allowing it to update as necessary and it has a couple of times over the months I've used it. It hasn't caused a problem.

Running the "workshop" is fiddly to say the least (at least in Windows). Be careful not to arbitrarily change the screen resolution as you don't want to lose the buttons for printings and such. Try resizing and reverting carefully until you like what you see. I pretty much left it at the defaults and switch to and from "full screen" in the player as needed. I do appreciate that all the hyperlinks work correctly. Someone obviously spent some time putting this together. The line drawings that GM provides don't look impressive, but they can be magnified (+) and viewed successfully.

One caution when exiting the player. I recommend you choose "suspend" from the player exit menu rather than "exit" itself. This saves the environment you were using and doesn't force the VM to boot XP from scratch. Early on I sometimes had trouble starting up the XP instance as it displayed the familiar boot "fail" screen where it says XP didn't start correctly and wants you to chose what to do, either restart, start in safe mode or "use the last known configuration that worked". If you encounter this, choose "use the last known configuration that worked" and it should start up. If you choose "suspend" when you shut down the player, you'll avoid having to go through this in the future and it starts up more quickly.

The instructions on how to print from the "workshop" are pretty cryptic, but I was able to figure it out and did a couple of these. I didn't find them very useful as you can't zoom the printouts like you can in the "workshop". I have done a few screen captures that I was able to post on the forum, but it's a learning thing.

Hope this helps. Take care. - Mark

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Thought I would mention that the data covers more than just the G6. Seems to cover pretty much all GM North America vehicles from 1980-2009 with the internal DVD version showing it was last updated in Sept 2008.

I recently converted the VM into a HyperV hosted image so I don't need to worry about vmware player on my desktop.
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