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G6 System

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So what type of stock system will go in the G6 does anyone know?
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Those items are both provisions for OnStar system
I've heard that with the OnStar there is a way to integrate your Verizon (I think thats who) cell phone, but I have no idea how youd go about it. Could call OnStar and ask them if they could help you out with it, or the dealer though I doubt they can help.
No onstar..

I did notice the Vibe (is it the same indash?) has a cell phone docking bay..maybe it will be available later on.
Yes Onstar has the Verizon cell phone deal. For an additional $9.99 per month added to your verizon bill, you can use your cell phone minutes through onstar. I don't have it, but apparently there is a call button, or you call onstar and they call for you???, the radio will mute and the call takes place through the car speakers.
The G6 GT stock stereo (not sure about 6 cd changer unit) says Moonsoon when you power on the stereo. Could be a AcDelco stereo with the words Moonsoon displayed for all I know but for a factory system it sounds really clear. Tons of bass for those who like rattling windows.

Only complaint is that it has no MP3 playback.
Mike1843 said:
Only complaint is that it has no MP3 playback.
same here. i got the 6 disc changer and it rocks, but id almost rather have the pioneer single cd w/mp3 capability i had in my last car. is it possible and if anyone knows how to enable the 6 disc changer to play mp3 cds, let us know.

driving long distance and having 6 discs with 100 songs on each one would really be nice.
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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