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I have an 05 g6 gt. Every little thing seems to just go wrong with this car. These might sound like minor details, but if I am paying $340 a month for a car, it should be in working order.

If I turn the rear defrost on the radio cuts out until I turn it off.

The car shakes like a wheel is going to fall off. I get scared to death when I have to drive on the highway. I have taken it to the mechanic multiples times and nobody can find anything wrong. The car goes through tires like they are nothing. They said it needed an alignment because that was ruining the tires. So I got the alignment and sure enough..the tires are still being destroyed.

The cd player just decided it no longer wants to work. The panoramic sunroof will not open.

Now the newest thing is the car shifts horribly and hesitates to accelerate. I'm just wondering if I am the only one who is just completely unhappy with their g6? I wish I could trade the car in, but unfortunately I owe double what it's worth.

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Few questions... No joke.... Did you get a carfax? Was it a salvage title? How many miles? Do you have an aftermarket warranty? Domt tell me you bought an Enterprise car....

Honestly 05 was the worst year. From what i gather they tend to have the most problems.

As for eating up tires. It makes me think if the wheels are not ballanced. Do you have a picture where they are wearing uneven? Or are they chunking?

Rear defroster.... No idea is the radio aftermarket?

And the shifting... How does it shift? Does it drag the RPM out then shift hard? Does it not shif at all? Is it just jerky? It could need new motor mounts or a stabilizer. Because you have a GT some idiot could have been shifting all stupid and damaged the trans.

Finally how long have you owned the car? Can you take it back? Can you prove it is a lemon? Let us know and PM me your email if you want to talk more in person....


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when did u buy it =\ sounds like it is obviously electrical issues in the headunit / ac controller unit....and a tire isnt ballanced....and ur unroof is fed - could be a number of things causing it, from just a broken switch to major issues with it.

its an old car....shit happens
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