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G6 Won't Go Into Reverse?

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I have a 2010 Pontiac G6 with the 2.4L. Today I went to leave for work and I turned the car on and shifted into reverse, let off the brake and nothing happened, the car would not move even hitting the gas a bit it was like it was still in park. I turned off the car and back on, and then it finally went into reverse but with a strong clunk and hard shift. I could freely move the shifter through the gears.

My driveway has a very slight incline, I noticed since moving here I need to put on my e-brake when I park to help with the rough shift into reverse. Outside of making sure I put my e-brake on when I park is there anything else I can do to make prevent this from happening again?

Could this be a shifter cable issue or something else?
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I believe the shift selector was part of a recall, more for not fully selecting park than anything to do with reverse. Probably worth checking your VIN on the GM site to see if the recall is outstanding.
I checked my VIN and not showing any open recalls for mine on the shift selector. Any ideas what I should check? This happened again.
If you have access to a scan tool that supports the transmission control module, it should indicate the electrical selection. i.e. Is the transmission selector registering / commanding reverse? if the selection is wrong, you have a good idea that the selector itself is the issue. If the TCM is correctly seeing that reverse has been selected, but you get no reverse motion, then I guess you are looking at more of an electromechanical issue with the solenoids. This is a service article showing possible problem areas.

Hope you can get it going again.


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