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A lot of Malibu owners are asking if they can use the Cruze or Camaro switchblade FOBs on their cars, I have a similar question on the G6.

It's a two-part question because the transmitter may be different, and getting the key to fit in the switchblade case is also questionable.

The Camaro, Cruze, and '11+ Equinox all have Euro-style keys that don't match the Malibu or G6. However, the G8 Switchblade FOB uses the older "flat" style keys, a la G6/Malibu.

It's actually a problem for G8 owners because their key FOB is rare over here (though there are tons in Australia), but I digress...

What I'm wondering is if anyone has tried using a G8 switchblade FOB with the G6? I need a second set of keys, and that would be my ideal setup.

My suspicion is that the transmitter will work (since the G6/G8 share the same "advanced FOB" option... the one with the LCD display), but that the key may not cut properly.
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