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Gall dang Onstar!!!!

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I was wondering if anyone else has problems with using Onstar in their car. I have a 2008 g6 gt and every once in a while I'll try to use it and when I press the button nothing happens. The light is green indicating I have service so it's wierd that it's so intermitent. What is your all's experience?
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I have a green light but havent paid for the service in over a year.

They sent me a letter last year saying that I needed the digital conversion and that if I subscribed for one year the dealershio would only charge me $15 for the parts and install.

I didnt realise the minutes you bought expired at the end of the year so when they erased all my minutes I said SCREW Onstar and didnt go back.

I feel I paid for the minutes and that they shouldnt expire. They didnt tell me that when I read them my credit card info over the phone. So they lost me as a customer.

Just keep in mind it is still a cell phone and it has the same issues cell phones have.
But it should attempt the call so if your pushing buttons and you dont hear the voice ask you what you want , etc then something is wrong with your unit.
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