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Gall dang Onstar!!!!

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I was wondering if anyone else has problems with using Onstar in their car. I have a 2008 g6 gt and every once in a while I'll try to use it and when I press the button nothing happens. The light is green indicating I have service so it's wierd that it's so intermitent. What is your all's experience?
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As you know OnStar is owned by GM, and it uses Verizon Wireless to make calls ect. From time to time it will act up like any other wireless device. Go online and check the coverage area where you live for Verizon, this may be the problem. Hope this helped.
Yes my new 2009 has done that and I contacted OnStar and that was their explanation. If you continue to have problems contact onstar at their 800 number and they will likely kiss your butt and come up with a solution.
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