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I guess since I suggested it that I gotta start it...

Product: Garmin Nuvi 265T
Bought from: Amazon.com
Date: June 15th
Price: $179 w/ free shipping

Quality of Product: 7 (out of 10)
Ease of Use: 8
Installation time: 5 minutes (plus an hour to download and install the updates)
Recommend?: Yes, if you need a GPS and don't have loads of cash


+Spoken street names
+Bluetooth connectivity
+Nice Value
+Ecotrip (shows you the route which will use the least gas)
+Free traffic updates for life (ad supported but not obtrusive)


-Too much info on a small screen; go for the widescreen model for $50 more
-Satellite can get confused of where you are and where you're going
-Searching for Points of Interest can take a while

Additional info/Overall Impression:

Went to play the slots in WV on Saturday. Everything worked fine going to. But coming home something went screwy and the thing thought I was in the middle of nowhere driving offroad. Took 3 or 4 times turning it off and on before it righted itself. If you have an address use that instead of searching it in the Points of Interest option.

Overall, it is a good value. If you have more cash on hand you could probably get a better GPS, but if you are short on cash this could be considered.

Let me know if I left out any info I should include...

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I have a Nuvi 360 with all the North American maps. It's a GREAT unit, lots of locations/stops, quick redirect when necessary, and having the option of staying on truck routes is a bonus with the RV. The only thing I don't like, as with all units, is that they don't account for low bridges. Sorry, but 15' doesn't classify as a low bridge (as per a TomTom unit I tested). If Garmin could master the art of low bridge truck mapping, they'd have a repeat customer! Providing they list clearances that are under 13.5' only.
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