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Hey guys and gals! I'm having a small issue with the "new" '06 GT I just bought. I do a fair amount of driving throughout the week. Roughly 20 mile round trip to work alone, not including small day trips into the city which is highway. The first week I had the car I exclusively drove highway to get a great feel for what the car was all about and BLEW threw a full tank of gas in a week! I only got around 250 miles to the tank....does this sound accurate? The fuel meter was reading 19.7 on the highway last night...my old 95 3000gt that has bad wires and plugs gets better mileage than that....any thoughts?

Thanks in advance boys and girls!


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Your G6 may need a tune up since it is 6 years old. 250 miles on a tank of gas is not abnormal, but definitely sub-par. You can try a list of these:

-Check/change spark plugs
-Use full synthetic oil next oil change (I prefer Mobil 1)
-Use Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus fuel additive every 3,000 miles
-Use Seafoam on crankcase and vacuum tube every 5,000 miles
-Change your engine air filter to a better quality
-Make sure your tires are inflated to 30 PSI (after not driving it for 5 hours)

I get ~300 miles on a tank of gas or 22-23 MPG which is every week. Just because you drive on a highway doesn't mean it is considered "highway" driving. On my way to work I use the highway, but I run into 15 different lights on the way and that doesn't count school buses and just "in-general" traffic.
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