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Gasoline Smell?!?

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Recently, my G6 has been smelling like gas really bad. It's been so much that when i have it in the garage, it makes it hard to breath in the garage. I'm not sure where the smell is coming from. I just had a state inspection, and everything passed. I'm hoping that it is as simple as replacing my gas cap, since i've had a problem with it staying sealed. Has anybody else experienced this problem?
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No, not me but then again I have a carport not a garage.
Thanks for the link, to bad there hasn't been any resolution.
Well, here is an update.... I replaced my battery, and changed my oil, and it's getting harder and harder to get the engine started in the morning. The fuel smell hasn't gotten any better either. I'm taking it to the dealership today, so i'll let you know what i find out.
Here's what they found................NOTHING!:confused: 5 hours, and they couldn't find anything wrong. They did all the standard pressure, and visual checks, but everything was exactly how it should be. They said that the next thing that they would have to do, to investigate further would be to remove the intake manifold, and that would be atleast a $300 job, with no promise of a resolution. Looks like i'm stuck smelling gas for the rest of the time i own the car. :(
That sux, or blows, which ever is the best for the irony.
Try changing the brand of gasoline you use. I find that Shell fuel has less odor than other fuels and I heard it has a higher concentration of cleaners.
I shouldn't be smelling gas at all. It's so bad that it's making the inside of my house smell like gas now because my ac intake is right by the garage door.
Fusion: Did you ever find out what was causing the gas smell?? My wife's 05 G6 (46K miles) has the exact same symptoms, a very strong smell of gas and getting harder to start. It's headed to the repair shop tomorrow.
Fusion: Did you ever find out what was causing the gas smell?? My wife's 05 G6 (46K miles) has the exact same symptoms, a very strong smell of gas and getting harder to start. It's headed to the repair shop tomorrow.
Fusion hasn't visited the site since late last year. I hope he comes back.
Well I find out where the gas smell was coming from. The shop I took my wife's 2005 G6 to dropped the gas tank just enough to see what was happening when the car was running and discovered a hard plastic fuel line that comes out of the fuel pump at the gas tank was cracked. What would cause this to crack is beyond me. Long story short...it's all one piece with the fuel pump so the whole thing has to be replaced. Total cost: $830........$530 for the fuel pump (dealer only part...no OEM) and about $300 for labor.
I just bought a used gm certified 2008 G6 with 32,000 miles on it 1.5 weeks ago. I'm smelling gas mostly after refueling but it was pretty strong. I think I smelled the odor when it was low on fuel also. I'll be on the lookout to see if it is a continuous problem. I'll give my dealership a call next week. I assume that this isn't something normally covered on a powertrain warranty if I also have this fuel line problem?

When we had the gas smell issue, you could smell it for hours after the car was shutoff, whether it was in the garage (really bad) or outside. The issue I had with the fuel pump was the plastic fitting that was cracked was spraying the gas on top of the gas tank so there was never trace of gas on the ground. That fitting was under about 80 psi pressure. The cracks (2) were very tiny but with that kind of pressure on the fitting, I'll bet gas pumped out for a long time after the car was shutoff. The only way the repair shop found the issue was by dropping the gas tank, since the fuel pump sat on top of the tank.
This is an old thread, but I found some the the postings helpful. So, I decided to register and add my comment. I have a 2006 G6 GT Coupe, bought new, which has not been driven much, < 40K. I have not had a lot of other problems, but did have the raw gas odor when parked or when left in the garage. With some help, I dropped the tank and found the exact problem described by Rinker232, a hairline crack in the right-angle fitting on the fuel supply line emerging from the top of the fuel pump assembly cover on the tank. Fuel would slowly leak onto the top of the tank and evaporate. There was no dripping and the car ran just fine. Unfortunately, the fuel pump, fuel filter, gas level sensor, and all the attached tubing, including a three foot long fitted fuel line is part of the assembly. Since the pump, filter, and sender were all perfectly fine, I decided to try to repair rather than replace the assembly (which is several hundred dollars). I removed the remainder of the very brittle black plastic fitting with the crack, and carefully cut and removed the inner convoluted plastic fuel line. I bought 2+ feet of 3/16" fuel line hose and attached it to the barb at the base of the fuel filter 'box" clamping it with a metal hose clamp. The 3/16" fuel line was then tightly inserted through the hole in the cover portion of the assembly and attached to the original external 3' fitted fuel line that clips to the top of the gas tank. I left the original remaining hose barb from the broken fitting inside this fitted fuel line for strength and then attached a second clamp to the 3/16" fuel line pushed over the original. Taking great care to position the 3/16" new fuel line so as not to pinch it, I reassembled the fuel pump assembly into the tank and fitted the tank in place. The car runs fine and no more gas smell.
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One more additional comment on this thread: One of the reasons for attempting a repair on the broken fuel pump/fuel filter/gas sender assembly is that I have little confidence that a replacement part will fare better than the original. The right angle fitting that cracked is made from some sort of brittle polymer, and appeared to have been expanded onto the cover plate (also plastic, but less brittle) to a tight fit using heat. The long fitted external fuel line that attaches to it is also expanded onto the barb of the fitting with heat, so it becomes one huge lever working against that brittle plastic fitting. My opinion is that this is a very poor design, and the damage to the plastic fitting is likely to repeat, unless GM has made a design change on the replacement part.
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good info.. im sure it will help someone out in the future.
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Thanks for this post! I am having the same issue and I am going to try this route first, I see no reason to spend $400 on a part because a $5 rubber hose is rotted out.
Reviving an old thread here. I'm having the same issue with mine. Can someone point out which fuel line is the culprit before I start this project? Excuse the quick screen grab image.

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Very helpful info thanks, I will be using it to fix my 07G6. I have a half tank of gas do I siphon it or leave it in and drain after I get the tank down? ................
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