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GB: Prolumen HID Kit Group Buy $280 Shipped!

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Hello Everyone,

I would like to introduce myself, some of you might already know me from past dealings but my name is Devin Montreuil, I run http://www.thexenonstore.com. We are an online retailer of many different automotive related items including our main claim to fame is our Prolumen HID kits. We have been in business for over 4 years now This is a 100% open group buy so no need to wait for everyone to pay, as soon as you order you kit will be shipped :) Here is some information about the kits/ordering/shipping:

Prolumen HID Kits are available in 4500K, 5000K, and 6000K.

All kits come with a complete full replacement LIFE TIME WARRANTY!

We pride our self is great communication though the whole buying process, expect seeing emails from us hours after ordering. .

All kits will be shipped within 36 hours, full tracking is provided as soon as kits ship.

We have TWO true shipping locations, all Canadian orders will be shipped from Toronto, Canada, and all US orders will be shipped from Florida.

We are offering a welcome to the forums special of $280USD shipped
Prolumen HID Kit + Relay Price: $295USD Shipped!

Relay Install Harness

What is our Relay Install Harness? The relay harness is a device that is used to bypass your stock wiring and draw power direct from your battery to power your HID's. Why use a relay harness? Since Xenon/HID bulbs do not use a filament they require ~5x the normal power to arc(fire) the bulb, after the bulb is Arced they go back to running at 35Watts, this Arcing can cause strain on your stock wiring, using a relay harness is just another line of protection for your stock wiring.

These Relay's are 100% plug and play you have 5 wires that need to be plugged in.

Red - Power Wire, connected to your battery
Black - Ground wire can be grounded anywhere in your car
White - This is a signal wire, this wire will monitor a power line waiting to detect power, as soon as power is present it will tell the relay to draw power from the battery.
Yellow/Blue - Your HID kit's postive wire will plug into this connector.

What is included?
-Relay Harness
-Detailed picture intense install instuctions.

G6 Owners Price: $25USD Shipped!
Prolumen HID Kit + Relay: $295USD Shipped!

Recap Prices:

Prolumen HID Kit: $280USD Shipped
Relay Harness: $25USD Shipped
Prolumen HID Kit + Relay Kit: $295USD Shipped

Paypal can be sent to [email protected]



Wondering the difference between the colour temps?

4500K - Pure White Light Best Light Output 2.5x Stock
5000K - Crisp White Light with a hint of blue Great Light output 2 x Stock
6000K - White Light with blue good Light output 1.5x Stock

What Bulb Type Do I need:

The G6 requires an H11 bulb for the low beam and Fogs

Thanks everyone, I look forward to working with you, if you have any questions please feel free to post here, email me at [email protected], or PM me.
-Devin Montreuil
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do you offer H9 kits for high beam conversions also?
ragingfish said:
do you offer H9 kits for high beam conversions also?
I will have to check as H9 is not a common bulb type I have not carried it. However I think doing your high beams also might be a little over kill :p

low beams only are what people usally do.

Please do not spam the forums. If you would like to become a paying advertiser, please email [email protected]
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