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This week I had access to some tools so I took the car apart. Not sure how useful this is, but it might help somebody.

1. Stereo amp is located on passenger side in trunk behind carpet.
2. Pulling out the radio is a very long tedious ordeal. PM me for instructions.
3. Instrument cluster is LED lit, no incandescant bulbs whatsoever. Gauge faces are not glued to assembly making it very easy to change out. All guages are stepper motor driven.
4. Headlight assembly is a little easier to take out than Grand AM's but changing the bulbs still requires that it come out. Again PM for instructions.
5. Driver side switch pod is screwed into door, it does not just snap off.
6. Gearshift selector is screwed on, screw is accessable after sliding chrome ring off bottom of selector. Very easy to add aftermarket selector.
7. Chrome wheels are not chrome at all, but are a chromed plastic attached to a rough aluminum wheel from the back. Very disappointing!
8. Factory XM reciever and keyless entry modules are located under rear parcel shelf.

At least this is something new to put in this forum! :)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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