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Gentlemens exhaust for an 07 GTP

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Hey guys I just bought an 07 GTP and want to mod a few things. An MPD ram air hood, crab(at least I think so this depends on the MPD setup) and of course the exhaust.

I need a fairly quiet exhaust. Mostly because of the wife. I was curious if anyone had any thoughts on what might be a fairly quiet but good performing exhaust. I have heard the GT-R and as much as I like it I think my wife would freak if I threw on yet another loud exhaust. The other thing is I really need to cut down on the number of tickets I get up here in Massachusetts for noisy muffler and various other things that stem from being pulled over because they "heard me before they saw me".

Any insights would be great.

My thought was to keep the stock muffler and put on a cherry bomb tube style resonator in place of the stock resonator. More performance a bit of tone but nothing obnoxious. Its like I need a CORSA exhaust for the G6. Quiet unless you are at WOT.

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There are certain magnaflow and flowmaster mufflers that quiet the car down, but give it a better tone. Idk what they are called, but Borla i think has it to..
I used to want that kind of exhaust, but I want performance as well so Im getting the GT-R exhaust. Putting a cherry bomb in place of the stock resonator won't increase performance.
The GT-R is out of stock right now, but it is offered with a resonator option for those that need a quieter ride.
the GT-R is one the very few that are bolt on for the g6.

custom options are endless and the route i went as i wanted toned down also.
i went with 2 borla pro xs mufflers and left the stock resonater.
personally and others who have heard it in person love it. including the wife :D
it is more quiet then loud but not stock quiet. look in the borla thread for the link to my video. i was thinking gt-r but still loud for a family car and pricey for my budget.

performance wise it did actully pick up everywhere too!!
I have had great luck with Borla. Borla sounds great on smaller motors. Not at all ricey. I will have to search for your video and see how loud it is. Did you put a Y pipe going to the dual mufflers? In a way I feel like TWO mufflers out back would be quieter than a single crossflow(Camaro/Firebird) style muffler.
What did it end up setting you back when all was said and done?

I was thinking maybe Corsa? From what I recall they are quiet unless you are at WOT.

Thanks for the information.

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