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Get Costco to Carry our Batteries

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You guys, I spoke with Costco's administrative staff and they said that if they get enough requests, they will carry car batteries fit for Pontiac g6's.

Currently Costco does not carry our car's batteries. As you know, Costco would sell just about anything for a good or the lowest price.

I ask you all, as g6 owners to fill out a "Tell Us What You Think" form at the kiosks located at each and every Costco to request that they carry our car's battery

Please write down on the forum that our car is popular to let them know it's beneficial to sell our battery.
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Im not a member... :(
With today's electronically controlled vehicles, you don't need to get the exactly amperage battery to replace the stock one. I'm not sure what my G6 CCA rating is, but if it's say, 600CCA, you can install a 500CCA battery without worry. The only drawback will be if you constantly run an in car video system and keep the volume cranked up, while you run your 12V GPS unit, a 12V cooler in the trunk and have the cell phone plugged in, then, it MIGHT cause a problem as you'll draw more current than what the alternator can maintain.

Besides, I've found better deals on batteries, and even better brands at WalMart (out of all places), than at Costco. Be sure to shop around, a lot of the larger big box stores are competing with some Costco prices.
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