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GI: New Halo Projector for G6 (black / Chrome) PICS inside

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Hi, this is Ray from Spyderauto. Few G6 owners have been calling me regards to new projector head light for G6, After a year later finally it came out. Proud to present Sonar new halo projector head light with LED. We did a test fit and posted up a youtube video and believe that some G6 owners have been excited about that. Finally, after the test fit, we received the first batch from the manufacture. That's why i give you guys a head up before those are out the market. I've talked to Chris (G6 owner) about doing a potential group buy for these projector. REMEMBER, THIS IS NOT A FOR SALE ADVERTISEMENT! Looking for 20 + people interested and the more people interested for sure more discount that we can give. We are looking for 249 Shipped without HID and 299 shipped with optional H1 HID kit (6k/8K). Just trying to see how many people are interested and hopefully start up a list and let me know. Hope you guys like it and after we got enough interest, we will become a group buy vendor and notice the mod/admin. Once again, thanks for viewing.




Halo + LED:



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Looks awesome im interested in the black finish with hid just need to save up a bit:cool:
Everyone want to save some more, trying to save you guys some money. Spread the word out to all G6 people. I will try to give you guys extra discount. Don't worry.
im interested! i dont know what color yet
do they come sealed up? I would want to paint mine to color match the car....??
ANy pix of that top light on??

PS....I didnt knwo this site did group buys! Cool beans!!! or are you assuming?
They do come seal up, not really a lot of pictures yet, but for sure will take more later. I will set up a group buy as soon as we got enough people, will notice the MOD later on.

I could almost be convinced to buy one of these if we need another person for a group buy. But I would definitely purchase the black one.
I'm interested in the black with HID kit I'll be looking for the next update
Take a picture of the cutoff with HID's please, then i'll buy them :p
now those look sexy :) id love a set of the black ones... how long do i have to save up for em?
Id buy black with HID. Whats the price range?
i'd be interested in the chrome with the hid, does it come with a ballast for the lights? and do all of the headlights have the halos and leds?
if you cant wait to get the lights, search ebay "g6 projectors" and they are for sale by the same company. the only down side is that they only offer LED's with it :/
I want the black ones bad!!!!
in G6 performance already have the group buy started, let me know if you guys want to start a new one right here. thanks

1 - 20 of 85 Posts
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