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GM Has sealed their fate!!

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I have tried (unsuccessfully) to have my money refunded for parts that were replaced on my G6 that should have been covered under warranty.
Basically, I was finished with supporting GM but if they came good for the repairs, I would have reconsider my decision However, after a call from a GM Customer Service adjudicator, she basically sealed GM fate in my books. The woman would not listen to my reasons why I felt the service cost should be paid by GM. I stated to her that she was not listening to me which just enraged her further. She might have been having a rough day – but that is not a reason to treat a repetitive customer the way she did.
I suggest GM should use the recording of the call for training their personnel. It definitely worked – I won’t be purchase another GM product for personnel or business use.
In this time when GM is in so much trouble, one would have thought they would try to retain their clients, not turn them away !
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GM make good cars now and I will keep buying them. But I do agree sometimes their customer service and that of their dealers can be a real turn-off even to loyal customers like me. Sometimes I get treated like a VIP, other times like a nobody. Seems like they can't make up their minds.
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