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GM- Pontiac Slimming Down... G6 fate?

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So with all this GM drama, what does everyone think will happen with Pontiac? I know that Saturn is going away (will be bought or phased out) and Pontiac is going to have even fewer models. Some rumors/ideas suggest that there will only be one Pontiac model and some say maybe up to 3.

Pontiac is supposed to be (again) the performance-geared brand, so everything will be cool/sporty/whatever. What does this mean for the G6? I mean, really. The G6 is Pontiac's best seller and it was (in some review) the 2nd best selling mid-size car of 2008. Do you all think it will go away? Different articles suggest different things.

If your company is on the fritz and (we all know it takes well more than a mere year to really get back up and going), would they really want to get rid of the G6?

The Vibe (newly redesigned, isn't it?) seems to be a top seller, too. I see them all the time around Nashville. I feel like it, the G8, and the G6 should stay. The G5 can definitely go bc Chevy can handle it w/ the Cobalt.... and part of the complaints/reasoning for the Pontiac crap is that it shares its cars w/ the other brands. So yeah.... no G5. The G3 hasn't had its chance to prove anything, but maybe it would/could take the place of the Vibe. If they want Pontiac to be a niche market, what would sound better than G3 G6 G8?

If the G6 goes bye bye, I'm trading my precious baby in for a new one... w/ out the steering problems! I mean, I want to have a G6 for a long time!

What do you all think?
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