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Well. to make a short story long....(this is the bad news part)...The wife gets this urgent letter from our local dealer stating that they are in dire need for good used cars for their customers, she asks me "what do you make of this?". I kinda give her this sideways look all the time thinking that it was surely a ploy to get people back into the dealership, which it was. I said that since the car was only 11 months old why would they be sending us this otherwise. She says just for kicks and giggles let's go in and bust their sacks for sending us the letter. Since I am a sack buster from way back I said "sure". We get there and walk up to the salesman who sold us the car last year and asked him if they were looking for us. He, with a puzzled look on his face said "not that he knew about", then I showed him the letter. He said "Oh that, we send those out occasionally trying to drum up business", which is exactly what I thought. He asked how we were doing and how the car was, since both the answers were "just great" he probably thought that we would be on our way....Not so....The wife says well, now that you have us in here, talk to us about it and with a surprised look he says ummm okay. The wife says what do you have, he says what kind of car do you want (this is the good news part) she says I really like the G6 (who wouldn't). He points to the 8 or so G's on the lot and says this is all we have of them. so we take a walk. All of them were sedans which is what we had originally. They we all the basic colors except one which was emerald green. I had never seen that color yet and knowing that the wife was partial to black cars I was suprised to hear her say that she liked that color. It was nice, I thought, it is a metalic paint job which actually looked quite sharp in the sun. She said that she was going to get that one. I suprisingly said, you mean that we would talk to him about it. That's all it took, a half hour later our 2006 was on the used car lot and we were cruisin' out of there with a brand new 2007 just made in May. Some of you might be thinking that we fell victim to their trick and in a sense, that is correct, but it was actually an offer we couldn't refuse. Her 2006 was a lease, she already had over 16,000 miles on it which was 5,200 more miles on it then it should of had. The new car had side curtain air bags a better warranty and a fresh new "new car" smell and we walked out of there only paying a couple of dollars more a month for it. I thought it was a prett good deal on a pretty nice car. This is obviously one of those cases where it was a good idea to listen to the wife.


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