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Good or Not Good?

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Would you guys suggest this, or should I stay away from it and look for something else.

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Ive had a vary similar kit and has been perfect for years.

I would try and go through the actually company site unless you like amazon.

But i got the 6 piece kit multicolor. Only problem is o keep it on red mostly if its me in the car. But every time i have my son or friends they want to change it.

Ledglow is a good company

Here is a night shot with just those tubes. If you get a solid color it would be a lot brighter.
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So then would you suggest I just go with a solid red?
if i could go back im pretty sure i would. Cause then it will do more modes with the color.
The modes i have are like fade between colors and go with the music. And you can pause it at any point so when i have the red its paused. But i have it hooked up to a rocker switch. And it remembers where it was so it wont reset every time.
I would think youd definitly want to stick with red....just to match dash lighting.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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