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Found this last night & thought I'd share with my occasionally topless brethren (behave!):


The retractable hardtop system used on the 2007 Pontiac G6 convertible not only enables the car to be the most affordable of its kind, but offers the design excellence, precision engineering, and innovative quality once thought to be the exclusive domain of expensive European offerings.
Developed in conjunction with Karmann Technical Development, L.L.C., the retractable hardtop system on the G6 convertible incorporates a clamshell design that works harmoniously with the vehicle’s styling. The system is hydraulically driven and has a cycle time of approximately 30 seconds.

In addition, the entire roof system is packaged as a module – a factor that not only reduces vehicle assembly complexity, but adds to the G6’s overall structure. The hardtop system module is assembled by Karmann and delivered in-sequence to General Motors’ Lake Orion assembly center.


When the top is closed, the quietness and sound quality (i.e. wind and road noise) within the G6 convertible is nearly identical to that of its coupe sibling – an uncommon virtue. When compared to soft-top offerings, the interior quietness of the G6 convertible with the top up is inherently better due to its steel construction and a special acoustic insulation package, which also aids in maintaining comfortable interior temperatures.

Uncompromised Styling

When the top is up, the G6 convertible carries the same sporty, energetic look as the G6 hardtop coupe. No interior or exterior styling sacrifices were made to incorporate the retractable hardtop system.

Retractable hard tops typically have long decks to store the top, which flips and folds into them – a proportion that compromises the “fast” design of their upper. To provide the G6 convertible’s sleek appearance, designers pulled the base of its C pillar back and designed the rear window to flow into the deck, avoiding the abrupt stop typical with such body styles.

The deck lid continues the shape of the C-pillar to create the appearance of its being set further back. Overall, the design emphasizes a flowing look by making the deck lid appear to be integrated into the upper.

Structural Integrity

The retractable hardtop system is structurally integrated into the G6’s A-frame cross car member, a tunnel-shaped structure behind the rear Seat that ties the left and right sides of the vehicle together. The top system module is affixed to the structure via six bolts – three on either side of the vehicle.

The beaming frequency (measure of stiffness) of the top system is 25hertz – an extremely stiff measurement that compares favorably to any retractable hardtop system in the industry today.

The stiffness of the overall top system, combined with a four-bar linkage system provides outstanding rigidity and lateral stability. This ensures the inherent strength needed to cantilever retractable top components in any number of parked conditions – including uneven surfaces like hills or potholed parking lots.

Spacious Second Row Seating

The G6 convertible will have best-in-class rear Seat legroom enabled in large part by the longest wheelbase (112.3 inches) in its class. With the top up, rear legroom is 34.2 inches and rear headroom is 36.1 inches.

When compared to its coupe sibling, the convertible rear Seat is pulled forward 2.6-inches and the Seat back is straightened to accommodate retractable hardtop stowage. Nonetheless, no other vehicle in its class offers more second row legroom than the G6 convertible.

Enhanced Safety & Security

When closed, the retractable hardtop system is inherently safer than soft-top offerings in terms of obstacle protection (i.e. flying rocks and other debris) due to its steel construction. Naturally, this construction also creates a far more effective theft deterrent than traditional soft-top convertibles.

Testing & Validation

In both development and assembly, the retractable top system on the G6 convertible is subjected to a number of tests to ensure optimal, dependable performance.

The entire system is validated to achieve a level of durability well in excess of maximum customer usage. Before validation is complete, the system is tested for 12,000 cycles without failure, about twice the average lifetime cycles of the typical convertible.

Test cycles are also conducted in a variety of atmospheric conditions, ranging from arid desert to artic conditions. Extensive water and environmental testing is also conducted on the system.


While the retractable roof system module used on the G6 is comprehensive and quite sophisticated, the fact it is assembled off-line and in lower volumes enables every opportunity for quality assurance.

A metal structure ensures long-lasting performance, and all materials are machined to fine tolerances. A combination of cast aluminum and steel components, linkages and structures adds to overall system strength, rigidity and performance.

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Like the blurb informative thanks Drop Top
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Yes well of course that was posted before the 3 trips to the dealer for hardtop issues and the current problem of it stopping partway through the cycle for which I'm guessing trip #4 will soon be the result :banghead:
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