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Hello i just bought a 2006 G6 V6 with the panoramic sunroof. love the car but like with every car out there is always set backs.

1st i remember when GM use to let you set your headlight delay on your car through the DIC you could choose from 10,20,30,60,90,120 that was a wonderful feature! however the g6 along with the malibu,cobalt,g5, aura gives you a measly 20 seconds to get to your door at night that is not nearly enough time! i was wondering if any one has found a way to change the delay on the headlights? i have a feeling there isn't a way. i really hope in the future they go back to letting the drivers actually customize their cars again!

Another thing i hate is that the HIGH BEAMS come on at night when you unlock the doors i don't know what moron thought of this idea but he should be shot. my subdivision is very dark and the high beams are blinding to other drivers. i know the solution would be just be next to your door and unlock it but come on you know that no one really does that. which also brings me up to where the older style courtesy lamps use to stay on even after a door was AJAR.

i find the elec. system to be a very very bad elec system. some examples the radio dials at night when running off the RPA (retained power accessories) are not lit unless you turn the headlights on manually.

another example if you turn your headlights on manually the IP lights do not come on if its day time out. its just a vary goofy system they put in and it needs to be fixed.

any who those are minor bugs but who thought up of this shit anyways lol.

O and what the hell is up with not being able to turn on the rear dome light too? lol

my biggest complaint though is the delayed headlight timing thanks!
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