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Got some questions For the G6!

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Whatz sup g6 Fans! Got a some Questions for yea and want to know if its possible!

The car im talking about is the pontiac g6 2007.3500 engine base model 6 speed trans....

1) Is it possible to make a pontiac g6 all wheel drive????

2)By switching teh transmission to another transmission with quick shifter will it improve the speed of the car?

3) Is thier a site where i can build my engine block and so on for the 3500 for the pontiac g6.

4)is thier anysite where i can buy a performace Fuel Injector????

These are just question i wonder cause i know you can convert any car into a performace vehicle! The reason why i state that,One day i was driving on the long island expressway by exit 34 westbound and i say a 2 door pontiac g6 gxp flying by going like 150 or something cause i was going 90 and flew by like he wwas going 5 times my speed and like 2 cars down a bmw dunno what type but had some kool headlights Trying to keep up! the pontiac g6 had some blue neons and big exhust muffiers! and a huge loud sound like roaring But yeah after i saw that! i know you can turn a pontiac into a fast vehicle! never the less the pontiac g6 gxp had a body kit a custom one that i havent seen before!!!! I wish i had a mounted cam so you can see what i witness! i tried keeping up but they was going way over 105 cause my govenor kick in!!!drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :( and still saw them speeding up till i couldnt see thier tale lights anymore but again can someone help me with these questions Thank you for yall help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The car im talking about is the pontiac g6 2007.3500 engine base model 6 speed trans....{Quote}

Welcome to the site! But there was no 2007 3500 with a six speed Auto or maual.

ummm ok s thier a g6 2007 3.5l then hehehe cause the pontiac g6 engine cover says hehehe sorry 3500 thatz why but yeah 6 speed trans
What? There was no 6 speed with the 3.5 or 3500 or whatever you want to call it in 2007. The only 6 speed in 2007 was in the GTP that changed to the GXP in 2008 but both had the 3.6 V6 now they do make the 6 speed auto for the 4 cylinder and the GXP. Unless this is overseas or something. Not trying to be a jerk but that's just the way it is.

Drr sorry about that damn i feel so dumb :( drr can i replace the 4 transmission to 6 speed transmission???????????? well this is my first car i ever have so yeah!!!1 3.5L 4 speed transmission then..but one question which trans is much faster the 6 speed transmission or the 4 speed transmission and if i install sts turbo on this car will it be worth the driving and track racing??????????/ with the 4 speeder? or 6 speeder?

It's all good. The 4 speed auto in your car won't hold up to a turbo. The 6 speed from a GTP or GXP will live longer but still won't like for very long without a lot of modification. But I'm no expert for that kinda thing. Good luck with whatever you do.

1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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