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Got some questions For the G6!

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Whatz sup g6 Fans! Got a some Questions for yea and want to know if its possible!

The car im talking about is the pontiac g6 2007.3500 engine base model 6 speed trans....

1) Is it possible to make a pontiac g6 all wheel drive????

2)By switching teh transmission to another transmission with quick shifter will it improve the speed of the car?

3) Is thier a site where i can build my engine block and so on for the 3500 for the pontiac g6.

4)is thier anysite where i can buy a performace Fuel Injector????

These are just question i wonder cause i know you can convert any car into a performace vehicle! The reason why i state that,One day i was driving on the long island expressway by exit 34 westbound and i say a 2 door pontiac g6 gxp flying by going like 150 or something cause i was going 90 and flew by like he wwas going 5 times my speed and like 2 cars down a bmw dunno what type but had some kool headlights Trying to keep up! the pontiac g6 had some blue neons and big exhust muffiers! and a huge loud sound like roaring But yeah after i saw that! i know you can turn a pontiac into a fast vehicle! never the less the pontiac g6 gxp had a body kit a custom one that i havent seen before!!!! I wish i had a mounted cam so you can see what i witness! i tried keeping up but they was going way over 105 cause my govenor kick in!!!drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :( and still saw them speeding up till i couldnt see thier tale lights anymore but again can someone help me with these questions Thank you for yall help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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That was me. I was in a hurry.

Did it look like this?

If so thats the GXP-R.

The GXP.R features a rear-drive layout and a racing version of the LS2 V8 engine that produces approximately 450 horsepower (335 kW). It is based on the same Gen IV V8 engine design as found in the production Grand Prix GXP. The production G6 GXP is powered by a sophisticated, DOHC 3.6L V6 with variable valve timing that produces approximately 252 horsepower (188 kW).
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