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welcome, nice lookng g6 Hey what are you doing to the GTO in the garage?
Let's see...

When that photo was taken, I had just dropped the tranny to put a new clutch, master, and slave in.

Here's what I hope to accomplish this weekend for my wife... the XM trial period just expired. XM doesn't have NFL games so we decided to add another Sirius unit to my existing account with the Ram.

The G6 is the wife's car and I'm not familiar with it. I've only driven it once since we bought it in Nov. She wants a clean job so I gotta figure out how to disassemble some stuff before I go hacking into it. Wife doesn't want the trim pieces to look like my GTO... :(

As for what I've done to the GTO, hmmm. There's been a lot, but here's the stuff I can think of... Maggie 112, pulley, blower cam, LTs, cutouts, exhaust, methanol, nitrous, HP tuners, line lock, monster stage 3, tick adjustable clutch master, battery relocate, and a few others. Still running stock bottom end and drive train believe it or not. It's definitely a 10-second car, but unfortunately I'm not a 10 second driver (yet). Last few trips to the track were low 11s @ ~125 but that was granny shifting because my slave wouldn't disengage completely at high rpms. I'm trying to troubleshoot some electrical problems before I can finish breaking in the new clutch and head back to the track. Once I get a couple 10 second slips, I'm gonna put this car out to pasture because I'm tired of beating on it.

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I have a GTO and a G6 as well....lol

Welcome. What are ya wanting to do to the Mrs. car?
You should see what I did to my wifes car! lol
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