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07 g6 convert Black. Bought it in New Mexico, so tinted windows were a given. Ruled out the new sound system. Stock is clean enough for now. That, and without a place for a decent sub, it defeats the purpose of a sound upgrade. I think I'm going rims 1st, then a trip to the exhaust shop. Got it used, so the brakes would probably be the smart purchase. I'm not really that smart.

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WELCOME Great choice in cars I must say.Just about to do the brakes next week,as mine were pulsing bad.So brakes was my next upgrade.Enjoy your ride

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+1 for the vert brigade :D

Best advice:

1. skip the exhaust shop
2. join g6performance.com if you haven't already
3. read up on the GT-R exhaust
4. order from Sam
5. bolt on since you have an 07
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