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My name is Patrick, but on this post I go by the name: The Oracle. For those of you who've seen The Matrix, you already know about the wisdom of the Oracle.

I too, like some others I have read about, live in San Antonio, TX. It is a great finding to locate this site as I have been hard pressed to find anything about the G6 (aside from advertisements) :confused: In a city as large as this one, I still cannot believe how many days go by that I don't see another G6 in my travels. The first one I saw was on the news - having been involved in a robbery in the Schertz area (for those of you who live in SA).

The Oracle is my first, yes my FIRST new car. I have owned only ONE other Pontiac, a 1962 Catalina (57K original miles). I'll post photos later. The Oracle is my 25th car! I decided to get all the bells & whistles on her. Sadly though :mad: when I received her from an interstate shipment, she already had 207 miles on her. I so wanted to put ALL the miles on her myself.

She is all black, black leather, heated seats, Monsoon stereo, Panoramic sunroof (the only one I've seen here thus far), OnStar, Chromtech wheels, etc., etc., etc.... Though she doesn't exhibit the same comfortable ride as my previous two Cadillacs, she is better on gas - this was one of the major points of my changing cars. I couldn't be happier with her. I still turn heads. I keep her showroom new.

If you live here in San Antonio, I look forward to seeing YOU on the road in your G6-GT (or G6)... :D
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