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Greetings, fellow G6 owners. I recently purchased a G6 Convertible replacing my 2000 Grand AM GT1. I am (was?) a member of the gaownersclub.com, but since I am no longer a Grand AM owner, that's kind of moot now.

I'm from Waterford, MI, just a dozen or so miles away from the plant where my car was built (or at least I think it was built at Orion). Ironically, I work at another US auto manufacturer which is heavily into the color blue.

I'm really enjoying my new vehicle, and I'm hoping it will last me as long if not longer than my Grand AM. I've been really lucky the weather's been so nice, too! :)

I'm sure I'll have many questions as I play around more with my car.

Thank you!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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