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Grinding noise with new brakes

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Got front brakes done last weekend. When I went to test the car out, I noticed a loud hum when braking a little more aggressively. The mechanic said that I should give it about 50-70 km to break-in. Now, about 5 days and 500km later I'm still getting this noise. I thought ceramics were supposed to be quieter than metal. Should I give it more time or is there a definite problem and I need to go back to the mechanic asap?

PS Driving an '05 G6 base, 94000 km on it.
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grinding noise is never good.. id take it back and at least have them look at it.
Be sure to get the mounting hardware checked out, specifically the caliper bolts/pins. If these are worn they will cause the calipers to twist during braking. One sign that this is happening is the pads are wearing on a taper (the front edge of the pad is thicker than the rear edge or vice versa). A new brake hardware kit will usually repair this, but the caliper itself may also have to be replaced.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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