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Ok, first of all I just bought my 2006 g6 gtp about 2 weeks about, but some dumbass (pardon my french) decided to rear end me already. The insurance company cut me the check personally, so now i need to replace parts of the exhaust. Basically from the cat back.

The GT-R is probably the way I want to go. But i'm trying to find a part number or company that manufactors it. Is this a complete magnaflow exhaust?

The reason I need a manufactorer is because I work at a parts store, which i get an awesome discount at, and they can order the part through companies like magnaflow and borla so I basically just need to know who manufactors it and if it has a part number or anything like that. Maybe if each individual piece, I.e. the muffler and pipes have seperate part numbers even. Anyone know?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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