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Hey, new to the forum. Have had my '06 GPT 6 speed for a couple years now and finally am getting around to some performance upgrades. After a bit of research I have more or less come to the conclusion that the best bang-for-buck mods would be CAI, straight pipe the resonator, remove intake resonator and either do a performance muffler or gut the stock one (will decide after removing the resonator).

My question is does anyone have any firm numbers as to the performance increase that can be expected? Some people report up to 9hp from the CIA, but did people actually dyno this or just guessing? Don't really know what to expect from the exhaust, but in my experience cat-back yields about 10-15hp.

I have my doubts that I could expect any more than 20-25hp increase from this, but hey, 10% increase would be nice.

Also, would I need a re-tune for the extra airflow?

Thanks in advance.
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