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GXP front bumper on a GT???

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K i love the front bumper on the g6 gxp and want to know if its possible to put onto my 05 g6 gt
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That GXP front bumper should fit the GT. I doubt that the structure is different. I'm looking for one for my GT. There are a couple of rear bumpers on ebay.
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You can get the Bumper cover 400$~ and grills from Gm parts direct the grills will cost you 167$ and 57$ for the trim ring, for each side :eek:.

I would however try to find one form a junkyard, look up certified auto recycling (www.barbersauto.net) call them !!!

I have used them Great people help me find some odds and ends for my bretta
Is there any other parts needed for the swap? Like parts underneath the bumper covers? I would like to do the rear bumper and side skirts also. I been looking at the Razzi Grnd effects kit. I don't know what is needed to do the complete OEM swap vs the Razzi swap and which is more cost effective. One thing is that I haven't seen, is a Razzi pic that shows the fog lamps installed and keeping the fog lamps is a must for me. Anyone out here done a complete price comparison or know what additional parts are required?
The only thing behind that bupmer is foam..... and IMHO RAZZI just = No

But you just need....

Front end

Bumper cover 484$
Left Grill 167$
Right Grill 167$
Left Grill Bezel 57$
Right Grill Bezel 57$
lower grils 126$ each
Air duct 79$
Gxp only foglights 300$ per set

1.Side Skirts 291$ each
3.Rocker molding 126$

1.Bumper cover 240$
That should be it

Everything else seem to be usable

Are those shop prices or walk in the door prices? $2500 seems a bit high. Plus buying the hood. It's hard to justify spending that kind of money to make a look like something it isn't. Not to mention the value of the car drops daily,No matter what you do to it. I'm all about driving a nice looking car! As my avitar shows my 72 cutlass with only 58k on the clock. Seeing the dollar figure on paper is making me think twice now. I like having my money in the bank. I might go with the Razzi kit & the MPD ram air hood. I found the kit for $525 on the net. With the hood and paint I should be in around &1700. That's painting the parts my self. Unless I can find OEM LKQ parts. I deffinately like OEM better. Just not the cost factor. I want to retire someday!! :D:beer:
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