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gxp hood

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will a 2008 gxp hood with scoops fit on a 2006 4dr g6?
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Yes.....scoops sold seperatly. but why? Its non functional and youll be within
a hundered bucks or so from getting a functional one....once you add it all up.
SpeedRacer4 said:
What do you mean working hood?
The G6 hoods that come from GM are for looks only...If you buy a functional /working hood, it has holes that flow the air into your aftermarket air box....Plus some aftermarket hoods come with struts that means you dont have to hold the hood as you attach the lame prop up bar.
Oh sweet, but I guess I will just look for the non-functional hood. I am getting a crab intake anyway so...just looking for the better look. I am having a hard time though finding a gxp hood for my 07 g6 gt.....any suggestions on where to look?
I don't think you get it, bro...

It's money well spent by getting the functional hood. You'll get better MPG's and more HP at the ready. The functional hood works with the crabs and it will cost about the same as the GXP hood.
Thats the Fuzz right there for you!

Funcitonal hood FTW!
So if I get the crab air intake with the optional front pipe upgrade it will work with that??? So i can get both at the same time??? Great!!! Now where do i find a functional gxp hood???
HEY i found one!!! But how exactly does a ram air hood work...i found one on the internet but there seems to be no connection between the hood and the air intake..HELP!

look at the picture with the hood open and you'll see where the air goes. the air goes through the "scoops" and is routed to the crab intake box. the hood comes with the adapter for the crabs intake...so that's all you really need to purchase aside from paint
The top of the cab is the hood. The MPD hood has an air dump directly
over the CAB. This forces air into the intake and it produces positive pressure.
Your car breathes easier and better and trust me- the consequences are all good.

This pix of kman's old G6 should illustrate it.

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True, it may let the car breathe easier, but I dont like the look of the functional hood. I suppose that I will bet the regular non functioning gxp hood for hundreds less. I dont know. Its just I dont like the look of the fuctional hood, it does not look as good as the gxp hood. :(
Oh and another quick question. Which PCM Tune is better, WAMS or Vector. I heard Vector was because of all the ugrades it has on its new model....definitely worth the extra fifty...but again just what i heard. So anyone with a WAMS or Vector tune answer this question???
Okay fine... I cannot find a good place to get the gxp ram air hood and even then its not as good in what its supposed to do...anyway how much did y'all pay for your functional hood and where could i find it. I really dont want to pay over 400 bucks for a hood.
Get what you want man.....I wasnt trying to talk you into anything.
GXP hoods arnt that much. If you cant find the part numbers i will
look them up for you.

As for where I got my hood, I bought it from Eric at MPD. Fuzz gave you the link up above and its gonna cost more than $400. Any hood will. Price out those GXP grills that go into that hood!

Dont forget paint. Thats pricey too. Right now I have a hood at the paiters and he's giving me a hell of a deal at $300.
Soooo dont forget that expense.

If you wanna know about Tunes contact GTPprix on here. Thats Chris. He will answer your questions. He wrote the tune for Vector so dont be so quick to think Vectors tunes are better than his. ;)
Hey Pooners dont worry I am not mad or anything, I dont think your trying to talk me into anything. I found a GXP hood on ebay but it needs some mods (like it doesn't come with washer fluid squirters) but it is a ram air hood. And paint wise, a relative of mine can do it for cheap as well as all of the other modifications I want to put on my car. :)

Anyway so plan to get gt-r exhaust, Wams tune, Crab intake (courtesy of lampoon), different grille, spoiler, gxp ram air hood, and Vector's heat soak reduction kit. G6 should be real sweet after all of those mods. What do yall think??? (just got to wait until my warranty is gone in a few months or a few thousand miles.:D
Oh ok... :cool:
The only parts of that which may affect your warranty is the HSRK & the definatly the tune.
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