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Has anyone tried a throttle response controller?

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This is just my opinion and experience so take it how you like, but Ive had a slew of highly modified and fast cars, and I'm here to tell you guys, look, a G6 is a naturally aspirated V6 (or even a 4), don't waste your money on exhausts and intakes, they're not going to do anything appreciable. You might get 6 more HP and a headache from the extra noise. That stuff can make a huge difference on forced induction cars with conservative factory tunes, not V6 sedans.

But dont get me wrong, i really like my G6, and there's two things i think could take it from a good car to a great car; improved throttle response and sharper steering/suspension. It's transmission is pretty sluggish, and downright pathetic if you've ever driven something like a new BMW on sport mode; they respond instantly, almost like they were reading your mind, and it makes them fun to drive even if they're not particularly fast.

They do make relatively inexpensive modules for G6s that modify the throttle response to be quicker if you feel like zipping around, or slower for better gas mileage.

Has anyone ever tried one of these?There are quite a variety and reviews seem to agree that they actually do make a quite noticeable difference, but I wanted to see if anyone had any first hand experience with a G6.

Anyone with any experience, please chime in!
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