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head lights

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i'm looking to dress up the headlights on my 09 g6 sedan... i'm interested in the "angel eyes/halo" head lights or the audi led lights with hid. anyone know if a 08 headlight will work on a 09?
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Those are headlights for an 05-08 G6.

Refer to this website.

To answer your question though, I don't think they will since they are selling specifically for 05 to 08s.
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as far as fit, yes an 08 headlight should fit an 09, BUT if you are looking to take the headlight apart and do the mod yourself to a stock headlight if i remember right i read that you should use the 06 model headlights for easy take apart and resealing and reduced chance of cracking the lens or something like that. im sure someone else that knows more about that can add to this if they see it, but just a heads up..
in 2007 they changed the sealant to a hard grey stuff that makes it almost impossible to open up the headlight. 2005 & 2006 were sealed with black sealant that is pliable with heat. The problem is that used 05 &06 headlights are rare without crazing from the sun.

I have a do it yourself halo kit I bought that I never got around to installing....
I need to look into that. Its been sitting int he garage far tooooo long. lol
yes i'm very interested with the halo hid with the black bezel, and plan on just buying the whole setup to replace the stock headlights... i'm just trying to make sure a 08 will fit an 09 before i make the 300$ purchase. anyone try this?
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